Adult Gay Snapchat Usernames

Here we have a breakdown of the Top 10 Adult Gay porn stars on Snapchat.

1) Jack Hunter Snapchat username: blueyedblksheep

You know that bluish filter that really enhances your baby blues to stunning new levels? Yeah, Jack Hunter’s diamond-like eyes don’t need that help one bit. Get ready for gratuitous gym selfies featuring, yes, gray sweatpants.

2) Bruno Bernal Snapchat username: bernal.freud

Follow Bruno as he goes to doctor appointments, sails the seas, and hits the pool—and that’s just in his work for Falcon Studios. For more of Bruno IRL, catch him on his Snap holding carefully placed objects over certain assets of his inked bod.

3) Eddy Ceetee Snapchat username: ejabs89

Doesn’t every muscle bear have his own fetish? Eddy’s physical form may scream #masc, but this hunk will treat you to glimpses of himself rocking some boudoir-ready, lacy lingerie.

4) Devon Felix Snapchat username: devonfelix

This Florida boy does live cam shows for the likes of titan studio Randy Blue. But you can also catch even more intimate moments with Devon on his Snapchat.

5) Jacob Peterson Snapchat username: jacobvpeterson

Not to be confused with an American soccer player, Jacob is another Falcon fave. If you like your men toned and with just a little bit of carpeting of hair, look no further than Jacob’s rugged good looks.

6) Aaron Reese Snapchat username: aaron.reese

Most of us got on the Insta bandwagon shortly before Snap, and it’s much more likely for someone to have the former over the latter. But for Aaron Reese, the social media handle that unlocks all the fun is Snapchat. He’ll post when he’s not busy being, um, tied up with work.

7) Scott Riley Snapchat username: t.bser

Ah, yes, more blue eyes. Scott looks so innocent and pure, but don’t let that fool you. He gets revealing on Snapchat. Climb in bed with him, whether that’s between the sheets or the tanning bed, for plenty of fun shots.

8) Paddy O’Brian Snapchat username: paddyobrianxxx

Paddy has that classically handsome look, topped with lots of muscle that is low-key fairytale prince levels. He also looks amazing in a suit. Or in leather gear. Or nothing.

9) Brandon from Sean Cody Snapchat username: copewithfitness

As with many porn stars, especially Sean Cody boys, Brandon’s day job appears to be as a trainer. So go to his fitness account for some workout tips, and there could be other eye candy rewards in store.

10) Derek Allen Snapchat username: realderekallan

Judging from his shoots, Derek likes to be very in touch with nature. He also likes to sing, so add his handle to your list for sweet sights and sounds.